Below are some frequently asked questions. Some of these questions may not make sense to you if you don’t own the bot yet.

Yes, the followers that the JustCopIt Instagram Bot gets are genuinely real-looking. Some are regularly active, and some are less active. We cannot possibly control that aspect. Many companies/websites advertise with “real followers”. If you try them, you will mostly end up with fake ghost followers.

*Please do not expect likes to be generated from a sudden increase in followers. Likes can be taken care of fairly easily using a third-party app, or our upcoming JustCopIt Instagram Like Bot.*


This bot has the potential to do wonders to your business. It can increase your visibility, get you more potential customers, and increase your business profits at the end of the day. When your Instagram profile is equipped with a good number of followers, people will feel that there is a great community interested in the products or services that you offer. Therefore, they will tend to purchase your products or services without thinking twice. In other words, you don’t need to work hard to increase your potential customer base.

Additionally, you can purchase this bot and use it to run your own services (selling followers on a website or to your friends). This can lead to massive profits, or an over 300% return rate!

Lastly, this bot (which can get you up to 100,000 followers) is priced highly competitively. Normally, such an amount would cost you $500+, and you wouldn’t even have full control over what you’re paying for-since you wouldn’t be buying an actual bot. Keep in mind, this is the only bot of its kind on the market, so get it at this price while you still can!

Both ultimate and regular version contains all the features mentioned on the website. But there are two main difference:

  • Ultimate version allows you to whitelabel your email and text notifications. This means that there is no BetterNikeBot.com branding in the notifications.
  • Ultimate version gets you 3 pc activations instead of only 1 in the regular version.

You can buy additional activations for both the version by contacting us.

A regular customer can also upgrade to the ultimate version by paying the difference.

In future, we plan to add all new features to both the versions. The ultimate version does not increase your chance of securing a release but multiple pc licenses can always help.

So essentially, the ultimate version is for those who have their own ATC services or similar gigs and want to hide the fact that they used BetterNikeBot to secure the pair of shoes.


Do not worry. That’s what Nike sends us and there’s no way to bypass it. We have been successfully copping with PIL -5 that automatically changes at a later time. Sometimes it doesn’t change and it still gets carted.

For example, the Infrared 6 release on November  28th – everyone that copped started with PIL -5. Nike gave PIL -5 to everyone to start with.

We don’t know if its a Nike bug/feature. But it definitely is nothing to worry about.

Just let it wait and it should be fine. DO NOT turn the bot off and restart it!

The probability of you carting shoes with BnB is directly proportional to your internet speed and computer speed. Even if you have got both of those right, there’re a lot of random factors that come into play.

What we can tell you is that BnB is the best shot you got at securing any limited shoe on nike.com. We know nike inside out and from our knowledge, this is as good as it gets.

Test and tweak your settings. Never give up. We’re giving you the best software at an amazing price, it’s up to you to utilize it properly. Read our documentation and faqs.

We recommend starting 10-15 minutes in advance. Do not try to start very close to the launch time (we see some people doing that, there’s no real advantage to that).

Please note, the bot is a .exe file, or a Windows program. However, there are many ways to run it on a Mac.

  • First, download and install the Mac program VMWare. Get the regular version.
  • Next, download the 64 Bit Windows 8 ISO file, located at the bottom of the linked page.  Once again this is a safe download.
  • Once all downloads are completed, watch this tutorial on how to use VMWare. Once Windows is set up, install the bot on Windows as mentioned in the ‘Guide‘.
  • Make sure to allocate enough RAM on VMWare, so the bot runs smoothly. A tutorial for doing so can be found here.
  • You’re all set!

Other virtual machine programs such as Parallels or Boot Camp may also be used.